Children's Assemblies

Each term a different class leads our Wednesday worship assembly. In the autumn term 2015, Years 5 and 6 took the lead; in the spring term 2016 Years 3 and 4 took the lead; in the summer term 2016 years 1 and 2 took the lead.

February 2016

Luana and Nia in Year 6 led an assembly about our bookworm challenge. They carefully explained to the rest of the school what it is all about - here is their report.

Bookworm is when we go in to the library on a Tuesday morning break and other children come to us and explain what their book is about and we ask them some questions e.g. Who is the main character? Children work through bronze, silver and gold awards.

When everyone walked in to the special assembly, we had a few recommended books on display.We asked some questions: 'What is a blurb?' 'What series of books do you like?' 'What is your favourite book and why?' Some of the favourite authors are David Walliams, J. K. Rowling, Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis and Liz Pichon.

The song we sang at the end was 'The Ink is Black'.

After the assembly we had three people come up to us and say that is was a great assembly. We felt so proud of ourselves. We tried to include everyone and we think we did.