School Council

The School Council consists of two children from each year group who have been nominated and voted for by their own class. The vote takes place annually in September. School Councillors hold their office for one year and then have a year out before being eligible to run for office again.

A member of staff supports the children at their meetings. They bring ideas on a variety of aspects of school life and discuss possible changes or improvements that could take place. The council meet on the first Wednesday of every month, all children are consulted prior to making any decision.

The children also have their own noticeboard in the hall where information is displayed.


School Council Representatives


Trinity (Yr6)

My job as the Chair means I run the School Council and I give my ideas. I believe I am a reasonable Chair.




 Vice Chair

Sophie (Yr6)

As Vice Chairperson of the School Council I feel I can help the school and work well with other people. If we all work together I feel we can achieve great things. I enjoy helping younger people and making the school better! 





Rebecca (Yr5)

My job is to write notes down of what happens in meetings and what people say. I also need to write down questions and answers. I think this is a suitable job for me as I am a quick writer.





Ethan (Yr5)

As Treasurer I would make sure we don't buy anything silly. Also I will listen to other peoples' ideas and will make sure everyone listens. I will also make sure we don't buy anything too expensive.




 Oliver (Yr6)

As a member of the School Council I will bring a responsible Year 6 attitude and will listen to everyone's ideas. 






Oscar (Yr4)   



Ava (Yr4) 





Charlie (Yr3)


Amy (Yr3)

Skye (Yr2)  


Ruby (Yr2)   


 Joshua (Yr1)

Summer (Yr1)  


Red Nose Day